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Shopping Malls & Outlets

Popular areas for shopping in the USA

Indoor and outdoor shopping malls are very popular in U.S. cities, as they are convenient ways to group many popular stores in one central area. Shopping malls have a range of stores, from very affordable department stores with many offerings to smaller, designer-brand shops and boutiques.

Outlet malls are a place for shoppers to find discounts on clothes, accessories and other items. Many brands have their own outlet store for items that are no longer sold in stores. Outlet malls are not typically in the same proximity as regular shopping malls, so it is best to do your research to find out where the nearest outlet mall is located.

Both regular shopping malls and outlet malls offer more than just stores for a busy, active traveler. Shopping centers offer a variety of restaurants and cafes, and bigger ones contain cinemas and entertainment venues.

There are many benefits to visiting a shopping or outlet mall, such as discounts to international travelers. Visit the front desk or guest services when you first enter the mall. Concierges have programs that provide international FIT (free independent traveler) and group visitors thousands of dollars in shopping and dining savings. Shopping centers also offer benefits such as valet parking, foreign language assistance and currency exchange. Look for these items when you first visit a mall.

Please keep in mind your country’s limits on shopping and custom regulations before returning home.