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Riding a ferry
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Additional Modes of Transportation

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Boats & Boat Tours

Recreational boating is a very popular leisure activity, with more than 87 million people in the U.S. taking part annually. River cruises are increasingly popular, with trips like a paddle-wheel cruise down the Mississippi River that stops at iconic destinations such as St. Louis, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; and New Orleans, Louisiana. You can also take city tours in coastal cities like New York and San Francisco. Whale watching is also a popular activity along the coasts.

If you prefer to chart your own course, boat rentals are available in many areas along the coastlines and at lakes. Be sure to learn and follow local laws and rules governing boat safety.

RV Rentals

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are an increasingly popular way for tourists to see the USA. An RV is like a home away from home, typically loaded with a bathroom and kitchen as well as beds. They give you the ability to pack a lot more on your road trip such as food and travel gear. There are thousands of RV parks and campgrounds where you can stay overnight, which cuts down on accommodation costs. You often need a reservation, especially at campsites in or near National Parks. 

Traveling by RV has become popular due to the convenience and flexibility it offers. Check out rental options if you choose to see the USA by RV. Popular RV rental companies include: